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http://onlinewealthpartner.com/fail-with-facebook-ads/ The #1 Reason Why People Fail With Facebook Ads.

Want to know the #1 reason why most people fail with Facebook Ads?

You know the people….

Those people who are saying, “Facebook doesn’t work!”

“I lost money on Facebook!”

“Facebook is just stealing money from me!”

“I tried it and I didn’t generate one lead or make one sale!”

“Only people with large advertising budgets make money on Facebook, and that’s not me!”

Okay maybe you have said a few of those lines in the past. Well I am here today to help you understand why most people fail with Facebook Ads.

The #1 reason is TARGETING.

I get it…..it’s hard enough figuring out how to set up your Facebook ad with the perfect title, description, image, bidding and then to make it even harder you have to figure out who to put your ad in front of.

Targeting is the biggest hurdle and in today’s video I show you a cool trick on targeting and also how to avoid failure by picking the right people to put your Facebook Ad in front of.

Houston Home Staging Business

We like to highlight local businesses that are taking innovative approaches to marketing.
To be certain, there is nothing really “innovative” about YouTube marketing but home staging Houston is taking a new spin on it.

They have started using flying drones in their business videos, as well as time lapse footage that show an entire home stage and de-stage. These videos do very well on LinkedIn, Facebook, and of course, YouTube. One of the best reasons to create video is because this type of Houston home staging video content builds a huge amount of trust. Rhonda, the business owner, has told us that ever since she started posting these videos on her website sales calls have become a lot easier.

Previously, when people call our phone because they found us online, they ask a ton of questions and also ask for references and our previous experience. Now, after posting these videos, people call and ask for me by name, and there seems to be a huge trust factor built by the videos because the entire sales process is just much easier. -Rhonda C.

We want to congratulate Rhonda and say thanks for taking the time to contribute to the community. If you’d like to know more about this business, then here are a few places where you can find them online.

Customer Testimonials:

I’ve worked with Rhonda on several buy and flip deals in the Bellaire, TX area and she always stages the home fast and professionally. – Alan H. Properties.

Online Law Firm Marketing Trends

Online Marketing for Lawyers – New Trends

Today we take a look at the marketing practices of Matt DeLuca – Houston DWI Lawyer.

The fastest growing trend in online marketing for lawyers is indeed video marketing on Youtube.com. Video marketing has allowed attorneys to make a much more intimate connection with their community and it is a strong form of relationship building. There are many DUI Lawyers who have truly embraced this form of marketing. Matt DeLuca is one DWI Attorney who has truly excelled at online marketing because he is not afraid to educate the public in hopes that this will eventually generate clients for his law firm. When a lawyer makes a video, he can make a unique impact in his community because most of the public sees attorneys as lofty and unapproachable.

However, YouTube removes this boundary. Once a lawyer stands in front of a camera, he is now just one of us. We can now see that attorney as just another member of the community. We would like to congratulate Matt DeLuca on his online marketing efforts and his ability to stay ahead of the curve in a competitive legal niche.

Online Marketing Bias for Small Business

About 2 years ago, many of your readers noticed (and began to question) the fact that our website had shifted away from the traditional small business success topics, and began to focus almost exclusively on marketing, with a strong emphasis on internet marketing.

This was a strategic decision that came from the guys (actually ladies) at Corporate. Many of our sister websites already focus on the “traditional” business topics and our content department noticed a gap in the online “entrepreneurial” / “Startup” / “marketing” content.

Through careful examination, we noticed that there just wasn’t a lot of great marketing content on the web, and almost zero effective digital marketing content that was actually useful (actionable).

What we found was a bunch of “be kind to the internet” / “make good content” BS that sounds great and gives real warm and fuzzy feelings, but does jack crap to actually put dollars on your bottom line.

We started studying the people who were successfully marketing their small business online, like this Houston criminal attorney, and…believe it or not, a ton of lawyers are actually at the forefront of small business marketing, whether that be video, social, blogging, paid traffic, or what have you.

It would seem that the only people who are really doing digital media marketing better than lawyers are the plastic surgeons, and real estate agents.

So, if you have a small business, and you want to learn to market it better, than this is the place for you.

Houston Business Formation Lawyer

http://www.houstonbusinesslawyers.net/formation (832) 509-0445
Tommy Holmes is the Houston Small Business Formation Attorney, he can help you get all of the legal paperwork in order to create the best business entity for your business venture. Whether you want to create an LLC in Houston, a Partnership, a Corporation, or any other Texas business entity, the lawyers at http://www.houstonbusinesslawyers.net can help.

Call us if you want to know…

1) How to start a business in Texas step by step.

2) How to get a Texas business license.

3) How to form a small business in Houston, TX.

4) How to get a Texas Business license.

5) Starting a business in Texas checklist.

6) Starting a sole proprietorship in Texas (which we would never recommend from a liability standpoint).

7) Sole proprietorship Texas, vs. LLC

8) Do I need to register my business in Texas?

Find them on the web at

At SmallBusinessSuccess.biz, we know how tough it can be to start your own business. At times, it can feel like you are stranded all alone on an island. That’s why we encourage you to do two things..

  1. Seek out a mentor…someone who has been there and done that. You can bounce all of your questions off of this person and it will be totally worth it to spend $1,000/mo on a great mentor.
  2. Seek out a good lawyer. Legal mistakes, are the worst mistakes you can make in the early days of your business. These are the kind of mistakes that can end up costing you thousands of dollars (and even jail time). Hello Bernie Madoff

Anyway, that’s just about all we have to say about that. Keep in mind that the owners of this website can not give you legal advice since we are not attorneys. However, we do like to feature some of the great lawyers around town and that’s why we have spotlighted Mr. Holmes.

Entrepreneur Ad Network…PPC Business Marketing


Car Accident Lawyer Marketing Wins

Every lawyer has its own specialization and is liable to cater to needs of his client. It is lawyer’s responsibility to help his client to win the case. He has to prepare him to answer other party’s query and thus to turn the mode of case. Well, a highest rated personal injury lawyer is obviously with much experience and it is almost sure that he wins the case. If a victim is hiring a highly experienced lawyer for his case then he is very much sure that justice will be in his favor. His experience shows that he has dealt with numerous cases and so has expertise in injury cases. He has loads to tactics to turn the case with perfect reasons in the way he wants. The injured can also learn some basics because it can help an individual in future as information never goes in vain.

An injury is serious matter and one should not take it easily. The injured must consult a medical person to get the ailment. Sometimes it can lead to loss of your priceless life. Always be cautious while traveling because it has seen that it happens mostly due to sudden hit by a car or any other vehicle and urgently seek a highest rated personal injury lawyer. It can also be due to medical malpractice due to an inefficient doctor. An unprofessional doctor is dangerous for any treatment, so it always better to get complete information about him from the sources. A qualified person is always in demand and one must look for it because he is perfectionist in his work.Being a resident of United States, one can come across various lawyers who are to help public but a personal injury lawyer is legal person who assists in injury cases only.

The injury lawyer will file a lawsuit for his client in the court of justice. Precisely, date is given for the hearing of case and the victim has to appear in order to get the compensation. If the victim has hired highest rated personal injury lawyer then he is assured of getting justice because it is responsibility to assist the injured person in getting justice in his errand. A personal injury lawyer assist victim’s at any point of time whenever he needs him but other lawyer who are specialized in different case deals only during office hours.

Have you seen the Rasheed the Lawyer Facebook Ads yet? Once car accident attorney in Houston has doubled down on Facebook video marketing, and it is paying off big time!

To learn more about attorney Rasheed Taylor, visit his website here: https://txcarwreckattorney.blogspot.com/

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