Yellow Pages Marketing

Hey look at me! look at me, look at me, look at me…
When you run a business, you need to get attention. That’s why with Yellow Pages you can now… build a website, be found by all kinds of search engines, create special offers, track your advertising and more. So you can really get noticed.


  1. I love this ad…the tunes been stuck in my head for so fucking
    long…………….I guess that’s how it is when you watch 11 and only 11.

  2. this has to be the best most friendly ad ive seen in a long time!!! great
    stuff yellow pages!! an ad to remember & makes you happy to remember it!

  3. I hate this ad. However, it does demonstrate how subliminally irrelevant
    Yellow Pages is. They indeed want us to pay attention because clearly its a
    dying directory.

  4. What a laugh! You’re bound to get noticed looking like that … you might
    even get arrested in some places 🙂

  5. I REALLY HATE THIS AD, those ugly little men are so annoying I love love to
    grab a gun and shoot them off my tv screen LOOK AT ME shut the fuck up

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