Offline Marketing Trends It can be frustrating looking for good statistics when you are putting together a presentation for your marketing clients. The difficulty is that you don’t really know who to believe. Often what passes as an article about real trends and statistics is really a curated article. This can be a good thing, if the person has accessed an article that is difficult to obtain and long to read. What they have done is to make it easy for you to use in your presentations. But these articles are all over the place.
For instance, you may have a client that you are doing SEO for, or that you are doing Mobile Marketing and Social Media. If you have to hunt around the internet for statistics, it can take forever. Of course, you could also set up all of the pertinent blogs in your RSS Reader. But you will find that you aren’t doing the necessary things to market your business.
It is for this reason that we put together the Gain Mindshare Marketer’s Daily Offline Trend Report. This report is a good place to find all of the relevant statistics since they are first: up to date and second sectioned off so that you can find them easily. The report is intuitive so that if you need to find summaries, you will be able to do that. However, if you really want the sites with the source information it is there on the site so that you can go deeper if you feel as if you need to.

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