Pay Per Click Marketing – Pay Per Click marketing is a fast and effective way to appear in the search results, via paid listings. However there are also several pitfalls that anyone unfamiliar with PPC should avoid.

In this video guide, Samantha Noble provides an introduction to PPC, including how it works, how to save money using it and the different methods of tracking success.

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  1. Hi Sam.. I saw your video and was impressed. Please post more videos on
    this. Just to let you know that there is a small mistake which happened in
    the very end of this video. You wrote “cost per cost” instead of “cost per
    conversion” while listing. You did look at it twice, but probably didn’t
    realize. Thank you

  2. Do u think it’s possible to have a successful PPC campaign without your own
    website? I mean, is it possible to place paid ads that link directly to the
    product maker’s official site? Thanks in advance

  3. What is PPC? An Introduction to Pay Per Click Marketing

  4. youtube . com/watch?v=Jv7LSjkOij8 its a link to a great video that shows an
    example of PPC in the real world.

  5. Your microphone is not doing a very good job 😐 sounds like an open air mic
    was used for this. But this is very useful and informative, thanks!

  6. What exactly is #PPC or Pay Per Click marketing? Learn about this
    extremely effective tool with this short video introduction. 

  7. A new week, a new theme.

    To kick things off this week, Sam’s video provides insights into how #PPC
    can bring your business to the search results, and fast.

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