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We like to highlight local businesses that are taking innovative approaches to marketing.
To be certain, there is nothing really “innovative” about YouTube marketing but home staging Houston is taking a new spin on it.

They have started using flying drones in their business videos, as well as time lapse footage that show an entire home stage and de-stage. These videos do very well on LinkedIn, Facebook, and of course, YouTube. One of the best reasons to create video is because this type of Houston home staging video content builds a huge amount of trust. Rhonda, the business owner, has told us that ever since she started posting these videos on her website sales calls have become a lot easier.

Previously, when people call our phone because they found us online, they ask a ton of questions and also ask for references and our previous experience. Now, after posting these videos, people call and ask for me by name, and there seems to be a huge trust factor built by the videos because the entire sales process is just much easier. -Rhonda C.

We want to congratulate Rhonda and say thanks for taking the time to contribute to the community. If you’d like to know more about this business, then here are a few places where you can find them online.

Customer Testimonials:

I’ve worked with Rhonda on several buy and flip deals in the Bellaire, TX area and she always stages the home fast and professionally. – Alan H. Properties.

Home Staging for Houston has decorated and staged several of our Houston furnished rentals and corporate apartments for model showcases. We’ve been happy with the results every time and will never use another staging company in Houston.” – Patrick, CorporateHousingHouston


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