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Tommy Holmes is the Houston Small Business Formation Attorney, he can help you get all of the legal paperwork in order to create the best business entity for your business venture. Whether you want to create an LLC in Houston, a Partnership, a Corporation, or any other Texas business entity, the lawyers at http://www.houstonbusinesslawyers.net can help.

Call us if you want to know…

1) How to start a business in Texas step by step.

2) How to get a Texas business license.

3) How to form a small business in Houston, TX.

4) How to get a Texas Business license.

5) Starting a business in Texas checklist.

6) Starting a sole proprietorship in Texas (which we would never recommend from a liability standpoint).

7) Sole proprietorship Texas, vs. LLC

8) Do I need to register my business in Texas?

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At SmallBusinessSuccess.biz, we know how tough it can be to start your own business. At times, it can feel like you are stranded all alone on an island. That’s why we encourage you to do two things..

  1. Seek out a mentor…someone who has been there and done that. You can bounce all of your questions off of this person and it will be totally worth it to spend $1,000/mo on a great mentor.
  2. Seek out a good lawyer. Legal mistakes, are the worst mistakes you can make in the early days of your business. These are the kind of mistakes that can end up costing you thousands of dollars (and even jail time). Hello Bernie Madoff

Anyway, that’s just about all we have to say about that. Keep in mind that the owners of this website can not give you legal advice since we are not attorneys. However, we do like to feature some of the great lawyers around town and that’s why we have spotlighted Mr. Holmes.


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